Iwaki Lalamew is our preeminent local center in Iwaki. It includes a fish market, where fresh seafood brought from Onahama port can be enjoyed, various restaurants as well as souvenir shops.

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For Group Customers

Groups, organization’s visitors, who need to use:

Organization’s visitors, please contact directly to each restaurant.

At Iwaki Lalamew, customers can enjoy a fully equipped large parking lot. Free advance reservation of parking is available for chartered buses.

Employees and all staff of Iwaki Lalamew are waiting for your visit.

Iwaki Lalamew

43-1 Aza Tatsumi-Cho, Onahama, Iwaki-City, Fukushima 971-8101
TEL:0246-92-3701 FAX:0246-92-3147
(Inquiry by phone 9:00 AM~5:00 PM)

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