Iwaki Lalamew is our preeminent local center in Iwaki. It includes a fish market, where fresh seafood brought from Onahama port can be enjoyed, various restaurants as well as souvenir shops.

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Full Iwaki information! Live Iwaki Mew-seum

About Live Iwaki Mew-seum

On the second floor of the Iwaki Mew-seum, there is a mini-theater and display panels, which show videos for visitors to view the various faces of Iwaki.
Admission is free.

Iwaki Great East Japan Earthquake Exhibition

March 11, 2011 2:46 PM....
What happened in Iwaki on that day?
Things we want to forget, Things we can not forget, Things we should not forget. Now I think what we can do?


Fukushima Reconstruction: Fukushima Offshore Wind Communication Center

Iwaki's offshore windmills have attracted attention as a renewal energy experiment. Here we can see a demonstration of video panels to showing how the sea can be used to generate electricity.


Picture Books

About 200 books for young children including picture books are available to use for free.


Iwaki Citizens Gallery

Exhibition of photos and paintings by citizens of Iwaki.

  • 福島県ホームページ
  • いわき市役所
  • いわき市 観光情報サイト | 〜フラガールが生まれた街 いわき〜
  • みなとオアシス
  • 福島県の観光スポット、旬の地域情報が満載!ふくしまの旅[公式]
  • AEON MALL イオンモールいわき小名浜
  • いわき湯本温泉
  • いわき産コシヒカリ Iwaki Laiki
  • 東日本大震災関連情報 放射線モニタリング測定結果等 | 原子力規制委員会